Paint Protection Film

LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film is designed to take the damage that normally nicks, scratches and scuffs the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle's painted surfaces. 

We've got you covered with LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film offering a 10 year warranty!

Paint Protection Film, also known as "Clear Bra", is a clear multi- functional Urethane Film, 8 mils thick that goes directly on top of your factory paint. 

  • Invisible protection from damage caused by rocks, salt, insects and other road debris
  • A proprietary, self healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant with a high-gloss finish

With patterns available for front bumpers, hoods, fenders, mirrors, rocker panels, door handle wells and headlights, the installation of LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film will keep your paint looking great without costly re-painting or unsightly touch-up paint.

Residential & Commercial Tinting

What is a the cost of inefficient and insecure Windows?

  • Need to reduce heat?
  • Want to protect your belongings from deterioration?

We have products to suit your needs. At Tint Worx, we proudly install LLumar brand architectural Films on every residential and commercial project. 

With our LLumar Window Films offering up to 84% heat rejection, 100% glare reduction and up to 99.9% ultraviolet light rejection, we are able to cure your window related woes without the expensive cost of window replacement or visual barrier such as blinds or draperies.

Automotive Tinting

FormulaOne Window Film Solutions

With FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint, you get superior appearance, performance and value.  Whether you're looking for stylish good looks, protection for you & your passengers,  your vehicle's interior from harmful UV rays, or to improve the comfort of your ride - we have a solution perfect for any application. 

  • Style and appearance
  • Heat rejection
  • Glare reduction
  • UV protection
  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Security
FormulaOne High Performance Tint Film Viewer
FormulaOne_High_Performance Tint Film Viewer
No matter which application suits your needs, when you demand the ultimate in appearance, protection and durability, only one formula adds up to FormulaOne Auto Tint.

It is our pleasure to inform you about the products we offer and what makes FormulaOne films the best you can buy.  Give us a call or visit our showroom, we would love to earn your business!

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