LLumar , VEGO & Solyx Decorative films bring life to existing properties or new projects. Combine your design skills and creativity with the flexibility of LLumar, VEGO & Solyx decorative films and the possibilities are endless!

For your privacy and design needs, simply choose from a wide array of products.

  • Frosts
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Family Pictures
  • Company Logo

Combine colors to create virtually any hue. Overlap patterns to create a signature look. Select a finish to diffuse or focus light, or even block it entirely. No matter what design challenge you face, LLumar, VEGO & Solyx decorative films can deliver an affordable, practical and unique solution – with stunning results.

 When designing or remodeling a home or business, windows are often neglected. 

  • Shower doors are clear glass.
  • Bathroom windows and front doors are clear panes allowing anyone and everyone to view the inside of your most private rooms. 
  • Leaded glass and stained glass are beautiful, but expensive options.
  • Blinds and draperies are bland and often get damaged.

What is a cost effective and beautiful alternative?

  • Decorative window films!

Send us your window dimensions, an example of what you would like and allow us to turn your panes into beautiful works of art.

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