What is a the cost of inefficient and insecure Windows?

  • Need to reduce heat?
  • Want to protect your belongings from deterioration?

We have products to suit your needs. At Tint Worx, we proudly install LLumar brand architectural Films on every residential and commercial project. 

With our LLumar Window Films offering up to 84% heat rejection, 100% glare reduction and up to 99.9% ultraviolet light rejection, we are able to cure your window related woes without the expensive cost of window replacement or visual barrier such as blinds or draperies.

LLumar Magnum Safety & Security films

If glass breakage is a concern for your family, we've got you covered with our LLumar Magnum Safety & Security films! All LLumar Magnum products go through rigorous testing and certification processes to make sure your family is protected, no matter what life throws at you.

Whether your concerned about intruders, accidents or storms, glass breakage risk can be greatly reduced with the installation of our thick and heavy-duty but virtually invisible safety films.

LLumar Product Line

We proudly offer the complete LLumar Architectural Film line up. With over 50 different colors and shades, we have all the products to suit your window tinting needs.

Whether you have too much glare on your television, a room that is excessively hot, a window that should have a little privacy or you're simply looking to improve the appearance of your home, we will be happy to show you what LLumar window films can do for you! 

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